Saturday, March 27, 2010

OK, It's Spring Right?

Well, here it is almost the end of March already. It has been a busy couple of weeks for me even though I have been on "spring break". It really hasn't felt much like spring here for most of the break. Cool days and cold nights, rain and wind have been the norm.
The days leading up to my break were busy with finishing up school business and deciding what I wanted to do for the 2 weeks I had pretty much to myself. I had lots of garden work to keep me busy and getting ready for lawn mowing time, as well as giving our dog Callie a much needed trim and bath. And I really wanted to work on some printing!
My first evening of my vacation the phone rang, with an opportunity... The NCVPS(NC, Virtual Public School) had a teacher's assistant position available. I have been waiting for the call for months now! Unfortunately, this isn't a paid position. But I was told by some friends that already teach for the NCVPS that I would want to take this position, it is your foot in the door, so to speak. So that phone call lead to me spending most of the first week and part of the second on the computer learning their blackboard system, and helping the teacher that I've been assigned to. This teacher is teaching 2 sections of Digital Photography, with about 30 students in each. I was put in charge of monitoring the discussion boards for the classes, and I then had to assign grades for student's participation in the discussions. Keeping track of 60 students is no small task! Needless to say that kept me quite busy! I finished up that task as the novelty quickly wore off. Which leads me back to my spring break and all my big plans!.
Here's what I did get done. I did get to work in the garden some( can't wait to start picking lettuce for my garden! and I did get to work on my lawn mowers today and got them in shape for the lawn mowing season. All that other stuff I wanted to do.... well It didn't happen:( No Printing either!!
Looking ahead I find that starting April 5th I will be taking a 5 week course on how to use the blackboard system, after its completion I will be eligible to teach an online course hopefully in the fall with NCVPS!
Well since I didn't get to do any new prints I'll share a picture of some of the flowers growing out in front of my house, They are pretty, it's too bad they won't be around very long. Yes it is spring again!

That's all for now.

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